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Randy Poynter Lake and Jack Turner Dam

The lake was constructed as a water supply reservoir for the Conyers-Rockdale Big Haynes Impoundment Authority. The Authority was created in 1987 by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia for the purpose of constructing this water supply reservoir for Rockdale County. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit to build the lake in 1992. The land was acquired and in November 1994, ground was broke for the project.

In April of 1998, the lake and dam were dedicated in a ceremony. Two years later, in April 2000, the lake was open to the public for recreational use. In 2002 the County began using the reservoir as its water supply.

In May of 2003, the reservoir was officially renamed after the late County Commission Chairman, Randy Poynter. The reservoir is designed to supply Rockdale County’s estimated water needs through the year 2030.

Reservoir and Dam Statistics:

  • Classification: Class 1
  • Type of Structure: Roller Compacted Concrete
  • Normal Pool: El. 735 MSL
  • 100 Year Flood Pool: El. 739.9
  • Height Above Flood Plain: 71 Ft.
    Maximum Height Above Foundation: 88 Ft.
  • Spillway Length: 352 Ft.
  • Emergency Spillway: 350 Ft.
  • Watershed Area: 30,480 Acres
  • Dam Length: 1,500 Ft.

Topographical Map of Poynter Lake