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In 2014, Rockdale Water Resources (RWR) started the migration to a smart water metering system (aka Radio Read Meters). Your SPLOST dollars are helping us complete this project. In the coming weeks, RWR will initiate its final phase of installing Radio Read Meters throughout the County for the remaining customers that do not have the smart metering technology. This project anticipates completion by the first quarter of 2023.


Will RWR need to turn off my water service to install the new meter?

It will be very brief for the installation of the new meter. Customers will receive a postcard to advise when their new meter is scheduled to be installed.

What are the advantages of the new meters?

The new meter allows RWR to capture readings without the use of manual data collection by meter readers. The radio read meter permits leak detection and other customer service benefits unavailable by older analog meter reading devices.